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Delta Tactical Training Group is a veteran-owned, civilian firearms and self-defense training company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2011, Delta Tactical is committed to providing unrivaled personal safety training for men and women interested in protecting themselves against those who would do harm. Our law enforcement, military, and NRA instructors will work closely with you in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure that you learn invaluable skills that will greatly reduce your chances of ever becoming a victim.


I recently attended the Basic Handgun Class at Delta Tactical. I am a woman who is over 60. It was a fantastic class. I've been around guns for many years. But, I have never shot one. Robert, Dan, Amy and the rest of the crew gave us a lot of great information. When we went to the range, they always gave us encouragement. They never became impatient or frustrated with us. We now know the basics and feel empowered knowing how to protect ourselves and our property. An intermediate class would be beneficial to continue to become more knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Delta Tactical to anyone, no matter the age, who want to learn how to use a handgun. Thanks you guys for a great day."

Toni Shannon ★★★★★

I think going through the Intermediate Course just increased my confidence plus there was more information given to us. I am a great proponent of Delta Tactical. You have a first class / rate organization for sure. Thank you so much.

Susan Giantvalley ★★★★★

Thank you very much for all the time you spent helping me in the Women's Basic Handgun Training Course. I deeply appreciated all your concern and all the attention you gave me. Thank you for your patience when I didn't remember some of the details. I had never even touched a gun before so I was a little apprehensive.  I learned a lot and am very happy and excited that I came and took the class! I have been recommending it to all my friends now."

Evie Dopart ★★★★★

Attended the Beginner Handgun Safety course yesterday and learned so much. I had a wonderful time meeting the other ladies and enjoyed (so much) learning to hold, aim and shoot. I am now more confident and know that I can hit the target with ease. Thank you Delta Tactical for all that you do for us beginners!! Can’t wait for the next course!!

Beth Puccini Sharifi ★★★★★

Enjoyed a great civilian beginner handgun class today! Met some great people and learned a lot about home and personal protection. Enjoyed the range and looking forward to owning my own firearm!

Jennifer Scherer ★★★★★

I just took the Civilian Basic Handgun training course and It was awesome. I learned so much from this course. I have more confidence in properly handling a firearm. There are other advanced courses which I plan on taking. I highly recommend this training group.

Connie Thrope Carter ★★★★★

Had a wonderful experience at the women’s only class today. Very informative, instructor kept all participants engaged in the lesson and conversation. The life experiences shared by the attendees were touching and educational. Planning to take two additional classes with Delta Tactical.

Teresa Galvin ★★★★★

Awesome company to get the best basic gun safety techniques down. Highly recommended. A+

Yolanda Rubio Ramirez ★★★★★

My mother and I took the women’s civilian basic handgun training course today. I would suggest this course to any woman with a handgun that would like to build her confidence and become more comfortable in being able to protect herself in home defense. I took away a lot from this course.

Jacqulyn Bone ★★★★★

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