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Corporate and industry leaders often encounter challenges where they need expert advice or guidance as it pertains to the safety and security of their organization. Delta Tactical Training Group (Delta Tactical) is a workplace violence and critical event response consulting and training agency based in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Our certified security consultants and instructors will work closely with your organization to identify security vulnerabilities and help prepare you to effectively respond to violent and threatening activities that could bring harm to your employees and stakeholders. We will work with your team to develop a security program that fits your particular business needs.  

Critical Event Response Training (CERT) - Delta Tactical provides customized active shooter response training that is based on best practices, empirical evidence, lessons learned and tested processes. Active Shooter events are unpredictable and unfold quickly. Typically, the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims. However, it only takes seconds for an active shooter to deploy their weapons and cause major casualties before law enforcement even arrives on scene. It is key that your organization be prepared, both mentally and physically, to deal with an active shooter situation.

According to the most current FBI statistics, the number of active shooter incidents identified in 2021 increased 52.2% from 2020. In fact, 2021 experienced the highest number of active shooter incidents of the past ten years.

Our Critical Event Response Training will teach you and your staff the skills needed to effectively respond in an emergency situation. Our experienced staff can assess your work site’s physical, operational and architectural security measures to effectively detect, deter and delay an active shooter.

We can identify the top vulnerabilities, make sound recommendations to improve your position against an active or a violent intruder threat and assist in the implementation of those changes. We will also take you through sound scenario-based training.

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Threat & Vulnerability Assessments – Delta Tactical’s security consultants will work with your organization to best identify critical assets, vulnerabilities to those assets and mitigating countermeasures necessary to protect those assets effectively. Our experienced team is ready to work with your organization to implement measures for preventing, controlling and eliminating potential threats.  

Delta Tactical offers threat and vulnerability assessments whether you are a small business or corporation, public and/or private school, house of worship, healthcare facility, special event venue or private residence.


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  • Email: info@deltatacticaltraining.com

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