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Concealed Carry Weapon 16 hr (CCW)

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Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) – 16-hour course

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Our 16-hour Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) course is designed to satisfy the requirements of the State of California in order to earn a CCW in Contra Costa County.  Please check the current regulations in your county in order to qualify to receive a CCW.   This is not an entry level course.  It is expected that students are proficient in the use of their firearm. Attendance of the CCW course alone does not guarantee successful passing of the class. 

Contra Costa County requires applicants to also qualify with the Sheriff at their range, using a holster and a course of fire which is timed.  If you are new to firearms and have little training in the proper use of a firearm, please sign up to our entry level pistol class.  Pistol Safety and Fundamentals class prior to taking this CCW course.  Delta Tactical Training Group reserves the right not to provide training certification to any student who does not exhibit the required firearm knowledge and proficiency with a firearm on the range.

Reminder, with all issuing authorities, you still have to pass a background check to be issued a CCW in California.  If you fail to pass the background check, your CCW application will be denied.  If you take this training course prior to being approved, there are no refunds if you are denied.  

Topics to be covered:

  • Handgun safety and storage
  • Safety practices
  • Firearm selection for carrying concealed
  • Selecting concealed carry equipment
  • Transportation of firearms
  • CCW holder responsibilities
  • Mental preparedness
  • SB-2 legislation affecting CCW holders
  • California state and federal CCW laws
  • Legal use of deadly force – legal and moral implications
  • Defensive shooting techniques
  • Clearing stoppages
  • Live fire instruction

What to Bring to Class:

  • Valid California DMV issued driver’s license or ID
  • Handgun (s) for permit (revolver or semi-automatic pistol). California requires that guns listed on your permit, must be registered to you in the state of California
  • Make sure to bring clean and lightly oiled firearm. Each firearm will be inspected for function and cleanliness
  • Make sure to bring the firearm unloaded and in a locked gun box
  • Dominant side hip-mounted or belt-mounted holster, preferably a level 1 retention holster (No Serpa-style holster allowed)
  • Two magazines and pouch (s) (three magazines preferred) for each pistol
  • 350 rounds of ball ammunition (full-metal jacket) for each handgun you are qualifying with, no hollow points (home defense ammunition)
  • Factory manufactured ammunition only, no reloads
  • Wrap around Eye and Ear protection (It is strongly recommended that applicants bring electronic ear protection so that range instructions are clearly audible)
  • Closed-toe shoes, boots or tennis shoes that allow for rapid movement
  • No sandals, slippers or clogs
  • No low-cut necklines and open-collar shirts
  • No tank tops and shorts
  • Speed loaders such as Uplula for semi-automatic pistols or speed loaders for revolvers, are optional
  • Baseball cap or visor
  • Water bottle, food and snacks

The CCW course concludes with a written test and a live-fire, timed handgun qualification at the range.  Students who do not pass the written exam and/or range qualification will not be provided with a certificate of completion.  Arrangements must be made with the instructor to re-take the exam and/or range portion within 30 days of taking the course.

Requirement:  Students must be at least 21 years of age or older to participate.

You must be a citizen of the United States or have permanent legal alien status and show a valid driver’s license or other valid photo identification to use a firearm in connection with any services provided under this agreement. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed on the range.

 Contra Costa County Applicants:

Applicants must complete a qualification course of fire conducted by Office of the Sheriff staff at the Office of the Sheriff range.  Applicants’ firearms will be inspected at the time of the range qualification for compliance with Office of the Sheriff requirements.  



Concealed Carry Weapon 16 hr (CCW)

Concealed Carry Weapon 16 hr (CCW)

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