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Security Consulting Services


Corporate executives and industry leaders often encounter instances where they need expert advice or guidance as it pertains to the safety and security of their organization.

To that end, Delta Tactical security consultants can be an incredibly valuable resource for such occasions. The decision to retain security consulting services is typically driven by a specific security-related problem, need, challenge, or goal.

In fact, Delta Tactical security consultants can be one of the most effective resources that your organization can utilize to reduce opportunities for crime and misconduct to occur at your place of business.

Delta Tactical security consultants will work with your stakeholders to identify the high-risk areas of your organization based on the likelihood of a criminal or catastrophic event occurring. We will then determine which assets have the greatest vulnerabilities or the greatest loss impact with the end goal of identifying the critical assets requiring countermeasures.

Once we have identified all high-risk areas, we will prepare a comprehensive report that thoroughly describes all noted critical assets, potential risks and suggested security enhancements intended to effectively safeguard your enterprise from targeted criminal threats and attacks.

Service areas include:


Public And Private Schools

Houses Of Worship

Special Event Venues

Private Residences

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